Monday, April 14, 2008

Houstone to the bone!!!!

PTB in da house. If u aint blastin u aint lastin!!!!


Erik Perez said...

you can only give what you recieved.

you are a Good father if your kids have most their teeth, passed the 6th grade, can speak fro themselves, have good higene, and can show repect to authority; And if you can find it in your heart to show endless compassion, love, and untempereed encouragement their is no end to their desire of success in their gifted skills, talents, and ability.

Nurture state
(REad, write, Arithmatic)

Get life Experience
(train, ask questions, explorations)

(final self development final master skills, community leader/ service man, communicate effectively with all peoples).

Career oriented: (Establish carreer, know one's own style of Religion, Investment World)

management/statesman/ publican:
(Politics, Career Direction, Retirement).

(vacationing, world-site seeing, community involvement/other)

Legacy leaver endeaverer:
(train a successor, write a book, teach the youth)

walk in the favor God:
(bucket list, Prayer warrior, Grace giver).

to walk with Jesus is to have a happy conversation sith him 70% of the time.

Erik Perez said...

Some of yall are taking all my words as gospel im only human.

When i say i dont like people acting bad i mean being bad. Not being touph and powerful. I respect someones house and at someone elses house i refusecto be a burden. But in publick im going to powerful i dont have to try most of it is my own power you should do the same. We're men aint we.

No crumb fell of my bread

Erik Perez said...

New qoutes

Better bad timing than not showing up and showing off.

Stars take the spotlife observers take in life.

People are people so what does it mean. Idk but only you and i can create harmony.

Laws were made for the protection of innocent people, places, and things. Not restriction thereof unless its a manufactoring farming transportation monopoly in a free enteprise capitalist soc

There will always be seed time and harvest on the earth.

Not all that glitters is gold.

We make it by the skin of our teeth

We reap what we sow.

We were all called to suffer the same amount, craddle to grave.

Smiles dont indicate no passage of burdens

We can only do our part.

Money solves everything. If it is organized. But God is the bringer of money. And he gives it only to thise who create a channel sow it

There are guides, overseers, and rulers.

Speak to your mountain. You aint shit. They dont fight back tho.

Erik Perez said...

You can get with this or you can get with that. But this is were its at.

Dont ask me how ask me why. And i might have the answer

Saved by the bell

Tsk tsk

My own problems arent your problems

In my right hand riches and honour. And my left pleasures forever more

Zeal according to knowledge. And not all knowing is trustworthy enouph ,worthy emergency, or common base of ledgable visability.

A free enterprise society is for prosperity. Communism for structure. Socialism for security. Represtative republic for greviences facism for military and we endure all of the above. Go freedom

Erik Perez said...

We knowcin part and we complete in part. So when all the parts come together only then can we understand the big picture

Shout let it all out.

Youll find it time after time.

I see your true colors and thats why i love you so dont be afraid of the rainbows within you darkness mixed with light makes every good thing shine bright

Erik Perez said...

Islam is a religion that only worships alah

But moeslim is a culture that promotes: male supremacy, female subordinance.

Erik Perez said...

Fake it til you make ut.

If you dont try no worries. Plenty of worries wuth plenty if tries.

Erik Perez said...

They dont allow us to own anything discourage investments and hoard vital information to our own destruction with their delight

Erik Perez said...

So n2ow theyll foeever suffer for it

Erik Perez said...

Majuana can be used to create anything its a magical plantation

Erik Perez said...

Torment you to recese pieces

Erik Perez said...

Remember why you dreamed of becoming u

Erik Perez said...

I always wanted to be superman. I guess because unstoppable then batman because he was resourceful. Then a ghost buster because they were a bad ass unit. Now i just fight demons in my sleep

Erik Perez said...

I always win, survive and tgrive

Erik Perez said...

Its either death or loss.

Erik Perez said...

We came, we saw, we kicked their ass

Erik Perez said...

Carma is a mf.

Erik Perez said...

How to be muslim

1. Dont shave unless for school, work, court.

2. Wear long drapes

3. Worship jesus, jewish God, or allah only your way

Erik Perez said...

Fall 1998: The Heart of Texas- together. against. negative. gang. organizations.

"Still shooting first, asking questions later, still barring no plex, whos nex wit plex"

Erik Perez said...

I aint no daddy

Erik Perez said...

Hapiness is your goal. If your not happy somethings wrong if you never been happy then something has always been wrong nothing is wrong with you. You just dont belong everywhere find where you truley belong find how you can be happy if your not already happy

Erik Perez said...

Theres never enouph time that doesnt mean you give up. There is no greater regret than giving up. And jacking around unnecessarily

Erik Perez said...

Cross breeding is dangerous

Erik Perez said...

Choose honour; never dishonour

Erik Perez said...

If you can forgive; if you can't then you shouldnt.

Erik Perez said...

Do favours and never turn down a favour. Unless your disowning a love one

Erik Perez said...

Never jeopardize a love one. Not everyone loves their love one

Erik Perez said...

Know how things perform, protocol, and work around here itll roll over to the next life minus the shame weakness and bitterness

Erik Perez said...

Only through love of a love one can one escape, grow, or overcome a miraculous strong hold.

Erik Perez said...

Even harold played the licensing and commissioning game. All you do is play by the hand of God.

For promotion cometh neither from the west east or the south But God is the judge he puteth up one and setteth down another

Erik Perez said...

There are those in san antonio who became something else. Thats fine by me. But you must call yourself something else. U may recruitvas many as u wish. But the name stays pure

Erik Perez said...

Those who put in 10 years, should not be required anything they are retired they earned respect for the safety of the whole state. They are the council of made it men. Nothing is rewuired all service and council of them is of highest privaledge

Their name stays pure.